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Click on thumbnails below to see graphics.  These include morphs, animations and still graphics. They are free to use providing they are not sold or changed, and that a link is provided to this page.  For high resolution versions, personalized versions, or commissioned work, please email us here. See other free images in the archives.



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Morph of Kerry to Frankenstein
Morph of Frank John Kerry to Frankenstein
  John Kerry to flipper
Morph of flipper John Kerry to Flipper
  John Kerry to Adolph Hitler
Morph of Adolph John Kerry to Hitler
  Hillary Clinton to . .
Morphs Hillary Clinton with . . . well, you'll see
  Michael Moore to bulldog
Morphs Michael Moore with slobbering bulldog
  Michael Moore to Kim Jong-il
Morphs Michael Moore to Kim Jong-il
  Michael Moore - simpleton
Michael Moore wearing "Simpleton" shirt
  Feral Left hatred for Bush
Still Graphic
Feral Left hatred for Bush
  How Lefties decide there were no WMD
Still Graphic
Feral Left method to prove no WMD's
   Al Franken as horse's ass
Still Graphic
Al Franken as a horse's ass
  John Kerry as clown
Still Graphic
Kerry clowns with clowns

  John Kerry as Saddam
Still Graphic
Kerry as Saddam
  Feral Left hatred for Coalition
Still Graphic
Feral Left hatred for coalition
  lean, mean Dean
Still Graphic
Lean, mean green machine, Dean
  Gorelick to witch
Morphs Gorelick to witch.  











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